EarthNET One Integrated platform for all your geoscience workflows

Earth Science Analytics AS

EarthNET One Integrated platform for all your geoscience workflows

Earth Science Analytics AS

Liberate your subsurface data and innovate your workflows with AI and machine learning

A fully integrated suite of AI-driven geoscience tools

EarthNET is more than just a geoscience software - it's a groundbreaking suite of tools designed to revolutionise the way you work. Using cloud-technology, high performance computing, and artificial intelligence.

Application Areas:

    • Near Field and Brownfield Exploration
    • Regional studies (Hydrocarbon and New Energy)
    • Digital Core and Cuttings
    • OSDU and Data Management
    • AI and ML Business Solutions

EarthNET Data Lake
EarthNET Data Lake supports all main formats for well and seismic data, in addition to image data, lab data, and cultural data. You can import your data from both the OSDU™ Data Platform, legacy corporate databases, and folder-based systems.

EarthNET Viewer
EarthNET Viewer provides a comprehensive data exploration package for well, seismic, and other subsurface data stored in your Data lake. With our viewers, you can easily explore and analyse your data through a variety of visualisations, including well bore plots, histograms, 2D and 3D seismic displays, map plots and more.

EarthNET AI Wells
EarthNET AI Wells revolutionises your petrophysics by enabling you to predict rock- and fluid properties with AI - faster, better, and cheaper than traditional methods, with uncertainty quantified at each step. Doing a large-scale study of 5000 wells would take 13-27 years using traditional methods compared to 3 months using EarthNET AI Wells.

EarthNET AI Seismic interpretation provides you with the ability to produce highly detailed and repeatable structural and stratigraphic interpretations, all while managing the associated uncertainty.

EarthNET AI Seismic Properties
With EarthNET Seismic properties, you can train models to predict many different properties from seismic, including vp, vs, vp/vs, density, acoustic impedance, lithology, porosity, vclay, permeability, water saturation, and more.

EarthNET AI Images
EarthNET AI Images enables you to interpret image data faster, cheaper and in a more data-driven manner with uncertainty quantified at each step.

EarthNET Insights
EarthNET Insights brings together Human and Artificial Intelligence to solve the problems in the subsurface. This quantitative decision support suite is where your findings come to life by combining domain expertise with AI to bring technical study results into your decision-making process.