GADA-i: Classify your Digital Files with AI


GADA-i: Classify your Digital Files with AI


GADA-i intelligently archives your documents by leveraging all the capabilities of Microsoft Azure

What is GADA-i?

GADA-i provides a system that helps manage the lifecycle (save, historicized/archived, retrieved, and deleted) of documents automatically, using Microsoft Azure technology.

By connecting with existing systems (Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, FileNet, etc.), we can free up your burden and reduce your costs.

It offers a storage alternative to SharePoint (or any corporate documentation repository) for those files that must be classified, saved, or historicized (archived), but that must be kept accessible at any time, such as files, claims, policies, etc.


Solutions we provide

GADA-i offers a document archiving service of high capacity, availability and performance that allows the indexing, classification and historicization of the company's digital files in an automated way.

Using the analysis and classification algorithms of Microsoft Azure and machine learning GADA-i can classify and recover files at any time and from anywhere, while using all the security features of Microsoft. In addition, you can be connected to any application with document management needs.

Who is GADA-i for?

GADA-i is designed for any organization that has the need to modernize its document management system, for the following reasons:

    • Space limit has been exceeded and it is very expensive to maintain and manage it.
    • Historical documents from collateral systems such as Workday, SAP, Salesforce or Dynamics are taking up space inefficiently and with cost overruns.
    • Making knowledge accessible in a structured way, by having digital and paper documents, we need to classify it efficiently and be able to search its content.
    • Accelerate and automate forms associated with DOCUMENTS with AI so that it recognizes and identifies key business information and finds them very quickly.
    • Save on Document Managers that are not necessary.

Why GADA-i?

· Classification, profiling, alerts from the document through an analysis based on machine learning / cognitive services.

· Connects to any application with document management needs via API.

· Manage the document lifecycle automatically.

· Applies automatic security policies and rules, with traceability of all accesses.

· Indexing search system, much faster.

Get to know Customers who already trust GADA-i

What ENCAMINA offers you

ENCAMINA helps you deploy and connect GADA-i to your document management system or corporate repository (API integration with existing systems) to take advantage of the Azure cloud. In addition, we also offer the development of a front /file viewer of GADA-i so that the user can interact directly from a web application.

Technologies that support GADA-i:

Azure Key Vault | Azure AAD | Azure Function | Azure Machine Learning Service | Azure Table Storage | Azure App Service | Azure Blob Storage | Cosmos DB