Azure LoRaWAN Connectivity


Azure LoRaWAN Connectivity


Your single-source connectivity solution for LoRaWAN IoT

Everynet offers you the ability to deploy large-scale, commercial LoRaWAN solutions with ease.

If you need a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to collect and access data, look no further. Everynet’s innovative network architecture provides IoT connectivity without the hassle or worry of managing infrastructure. Getting you to your business goals faster. 

Everynet enables real-time delivery of sensor data to any cloud-based application. Our carefully curated ecosystem of LPWA solutions is the key to a fast and profitable network deployment. Our solutions support the needs of any industry, anywhere in the world – from freight and logistics to food service, smart cities and everything in between. Everynet enables you to be everywhere.

Low Risk. Lower Cost.

Our network provides IoT connectivity without the worry or hassle of managing infrastructure. And if that wasn’t incentive enough, operating via LoRaWAN offers the low-cost access to real-time data.  

Trusted Partners. Quickest Time to Revenue.

At Everynet we’re all about making connections. Which is why we’ve joined forces with the world’s strongest infrastructure service and solution partners to enable your needs. Simply link your devices to our gateways and you’re ready to go. Need a device? We can help with that too. 

Carrier Grade Quality. LoRaWAN Sustainability. 

Service providers, network operators, wholesalers, and systems integrators have the opportunity to offer carrier-grade LPWA network services without the burden of procuring, deploying and maintaining physical infrastructure at a lower cost and lower power consumption. Now that’s a LoRaWAN sustainability win-win.

Our approach to IoT connectivity has proven hugely successful around the world, transacting billions of messages already through our advanced technology solution. See what Everynet can do for you at

Our Plans and Pricing Options:

1. Low Usage: $8/Year. Per device. Includes 10,000 messages per year. Ideal for devices reporting less than once per hour. 

2. High Usage: $15/Year. Per device. Includes 50,000 messages per year. Ideal for devices reporting up to 5 times per hour.

3. Custom: For high volumes and custom number of messages contact us.