Hellobot - Voicebot for your Business

Iteo Sp. z o.o.

Hellobot - Voicebot for your Business

Iteo Sp. z o.o.


How can it help you?

Hellobot can optimize and automate various processes in different kinds of business:

  • Soft debt recovery
  • Survey research and interviews
  • Booking, confirmation and cancellation of visits
  • Identification, authentication, and dividing the calls
  • Case or parcel status verification
  • A new product or service promotion
  • Sales and reservation process handling
  • Emergency notifications and technical support
  • Answering most frequently asked questions
  • Taking meter readings and accepting complaints
  • Other customer service based phone services

Why do you need it?

🕐 It works 24/7, it’s never tired or bored and it’s always ready to help

🔥 It serves hundreds of customers at once and can substitute for as many employees as you need

💯 It provides 100% of efficiency, quality, and inerrancy

💰 You gain up to 70% employer’s expenses optimization

💲  And up to 60% process maintenance cost reduction

🎯  It’s flexible and can be fully adjusted to particular requirements of your business

How does it work?

A clever voicebot is an artificial intelligence based technology created to make and answer phone calls like a real human, enhancing inner processes within a company. 

It can be:

  • a virtual assistant
  • an intelligent answering machine
  • a digital call center employee

Speaking a voice of an actor, a famous personality or any other of your choice - 

it’s highly flexible and its personality depends on your business needs and goals.