JioThings Connected Workforce Solution

Jio Platforms Limited

JioThings Connected Workforce Solution

Jio Platforms Limited

A comprehensive workforce management solution to boost productivity, reduce expenditures and enhance

Organizations that employ a field force for business activities have huge difficulties keeping track of the employees. False claims on field visits leads to impact on sales revenue, customer dissatisfaction as well as excess expenditure due to manipulated reimbursements. The solutions currently available in the market are not compatible with all phones and operating systems. Moreover, due to lack of reliability the apps are prone to tampers.

JioThings Connected Workforce Solution is a standardized, multi-OS friendly app-based solution designed to address all your workforce related needs. Connected Workforce enables businesses to streamline processes related to task planning and tracking, service quality assurance, attendance, reimbursements as well as safety of the workforce

Who can benefit?

JioThings Connected Workforce solution is ideal for organizations that engage in activities like sales, service security, logistics and any other field force related activities.

With a solution compatible with all makes and models of mobile phones and support for multiple operating systems, workforce management has never been easier! What you get is:

  1. Biometric authentication using digital attendance & face recognition

  2. Task planner allowing easy assignment and tracking of tasks for managers

  3. Beat planning & task management for field force

  4. Live tracking & geo-fencing

  5. Route management

  6. Real time SoS & on-field incident reporting

  7. Cell-based tracking in case of feature phones and/or unavailability of internet


  8. Unified portal & with 3rd party API integration

  9. Insights & data Analytics

  10. Works with any telecom service provider

JioThings Connected Workforce solution helps businesses in the following ways:

  1. Enhanced employee productivity- Real time tracking & digitized attendance

    management helps improve employee productivity

  2. Increased transparency- Helps in building transparency between the employer and

    the employee with the help of digital records

  3. Reduced expenditure on false claims & reimbursements- 100% reliable & accurate

    tracking mechanism reduces the chances of false claims and expenditures

  4. Enhanced employee safety- Single click SoS alarm intimating emergency contacts

    regarding the incident with live location, thereby enhancing safety

Why JioThings?
1. Nationwide presence.

a. Jio’s cellular network is available Pan India

b. Assured service and support: Installation and after sales support with 1,400

  1. Jio Centres, 1,000 Jio Points and 10,000+ installation team

2. One-Stop Solution- Get everything from mobile application, connectivity, IoT

cloud platform to after sales services – thereby reducing cost and making solution economical