Checklist As A Service (Subscription)

kitameraki limited

Checklist As A Service (Subscription)

kitameraki limited

Transform Recurring To-Do and Procedures into Collaborative Checklists and Never Miss Deadlines

Introducing Checklist App for Microsoft Teams - a simple yet powerful solution for transforming your existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other to-dos into collaborative checklists. With its library of 300+ ready-to-use curated templates and its seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Checklist App is an incredibly versatile tool that brings value to teams and industries of all kinds.

Without the right tool, enforcing your company's Standard Operating Procedures and monitoring your team's progress can be a challenging task. As the number of procedures increases, it can quickly become overwhelming and inefficient, leading to missed deadlines and poor service for both internal and external customers.

While Microsoft Excel is a versatile tool for creating to-do lists, it may not provide the modern and secure collaboration platform necessary for effectively managing multiple workflows.

With Checklist App, you empower your teams to organize, collaborate, and track real-time progress, ensuring that everyone stays on top of deadlines and tasks. Say goodbye to administrative burdens and focus on delivering results.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline Workflow and Boost Efficiency
  • Ensure Consistency and Compliance
  • Enhance Collaboration and Communication
  • Stay Notified and Always Meet Deadlines
  • Never miss any deadline with automatic checklist creation and alert notifications
  • Increase Accountability and Visibility

Benefits for Many Teams:

Checklist App comes with a extensive library of 300+ ready-to-use curated templates for every department (HR, Accounting, etc.) and industry (Retail, F&B, etc.). Here are few examples:

  • HR team: Employee onboarding and offboarding processes, Payroll process, …
  • Accounting & Tax: End of month closing process, Regulatory and Tax reporting, ..
  • Manufacturing: Equipment Maintenance, Inventory Control, ...
  • NGO: Donor Management, Event Management ...

  • Any list of tasks that must be completed within deadline

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Key Features:

  • Library of 300+ ready-to-use curated templates
  • Customize the task form to fit your unique needs.
  • Let the App automatically generate checklists according to a schedule.
  • Instant notification by Teams of updates on your tasks
  • Proactively alert you of coming due date and late tasks
  • Track Tasks and Teams Progress using online dashboard or extract data
  • Create custom tags to effortlessly group and filter your checklists and tasks
  • Keep Information confidential
  • Create as many Checklist instances you need (HR, Accounting, etc.)
  • Unlimited Users

Features Integrated with Microsoft Teams:

Unlike most Apps and Web Tools you will find in the market, our Productivity Apps have been designed since inception to work within Microsoft Teams, which brings a set of unmatched benefits:

  • Microsoft Teams Native Development
  • Simple & Intuitive UI
  • Multi-Channels
  • Web, Desktop & Mobile App Ready
  • Microsoft Single Sign On
  • Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance
  • Microsoft Azure High Availability
  • Ready for Analytics

Important: That purchase should be done by admin and purchase flow will not be completed if an active subscriptions exist for the tenant.