Azure Discover by Macquarie Cloud Services

Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd

Azure Discover by Macquarie Cloud Services

Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd

Assess your application & data centre estate for cloud readiness. Identify & prioritise early adoption scenarios like Windows, Linux & SQL Svrs, databases, data, web apps & virtual desktops. Analyse dependencies across VMware, Hyper-V & physical servers.

Data center exit, aging infrastructure, enhancing application lifecycles are some of the pragmatic reasons that our customers choose Azure Discover to start their cloud journey. We also see customers leapfrogging competition to disrupt their markets, scaling to meet demand and investing in new areas. Whatever your motivation, the Azure Discover engagement guides you through discovery, assessment and migration phases for your selected environments & extracts results into an insightful dashboard in one central data repository. We assist you to make the best migration decisions with curated insights & recommendations.

Some outputs of the service are:

  • Costs & timelines of migration
  • Programs to accelerate the journey, sometimes with commercial benefits
  • Compatibility, dependencies & service mapping
  • A high level solution design of your target environment on Azure architecture
  • Likely hybrid touchpoints & network requirements together with extended subnets to simplify migration
  • Support, maintenance & monitoring once in Azure
  • Ongoing operational costs

  • As part of the engagement, Macquarie Cloud Services will:

  • Conduct a remote information gathering session. We'll validate the business & technical outcomes to be delivered, confirm & secure appropriate credentials to the nominated discovery environments & guide you through the discovery appliance install.
  • Allow time to lapse to collect data & reports in the portal.
  • Present the curated Discovery report, prioritising recommendations from our operational experience gained by managing customers through the stages of cloud maturity & our understanding of your environments.

  • We follow Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework best practices to help ensure success. Click on the Get it now button to discover the best path to the cloud. Choose Azure Discover as either

  • a single assessment or
  • as an ongoing managed service, Azure Managed. You'll get the same great service for any new nominated environment, together with an operational team to make the recommendations real. After all, the only thing constant in the cloud is change, & staying across technology & innovation is what we do. In fact, we've been doing it for 20 years.

  • Why Macquarie Cloud Services?

    We are the No. 1 managed cloud business in Australia & the country’s most-recommended secure cloud provider, with a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +85. Our years of relationship with Microsoft & our Advanced Specialization, Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Azure, provides deep expertise in installing, supplying & managing Azure solutions.