Immudb on Azure

Ntegral Inc.

Immudb on Azure

Ntegral Inc.

Immudb, high-speed immutable database, Immudb optimized by Ntegral Inc for Azure

Immudb is a premier image designed by Ntegral optimized for production environments on Azure. This VM provides the latest features available in Immudb.

immudb is database with built-in cryptographic proof and verification. It can track changes in sensitive data and the integrity of the history will be protected by the clients, without the need to trust the server.

immudb can operate both as a key-value or relational (SQL) database. You can add new transactions, but deletion or modification of older transactions isn’t allowed, thus making your data immutable. When a key record's value changes over time (such as a bank balance), you can get multiple instances with different timestamps to give you the complete history of that record's changes. You can store a variety of common data types, verification checksums, or JSON.

Immudb Configuration

  • Database name: defaultdb
  • installation folder: /opt/immudb
  • username: immudb
  • password: immudb
  • port: 3322
  • sudo systemctl start/stop/status immudb
  • web console: http://publicIP:8080 or http://dns:8080
  • web api: http://publicIP:8080/api or http://dns:8080/api
  • superadmin: immudb
  • password: immudb
  • metrics: http://publicIP:9497/metrics or http://dns:9497/metrics

Use Cases

  • Integration with your DevOps ensures code security throughout the development and deployment process.
  • Guarantee File Integrity of your critical data.
  • Ensure integrity of your legal Documents and Invoices, contracts, forms, and your downloads and emails.
  • Save your Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data as a failsafe plan for loss of data.
  • Keep your investment guidelines or stock market data tamperproof for your investment bank or client financial portfolios.
  • Store important log files to keep them tamperproof to meet regulations like PCI compliance.
  • Protect medical data, test results, or recipes from alteration.

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