Digital Process Integration Platform

PlanB. GmbH

Digital Process Integration Platform

PlanB. GmbH

Simplifying digital integration with API Management and Azure.

APIs make digital business work. But behind the APIs there is an important integration challenge! To make APIs for digital business work, all core process and business apps need to interact with each other, with great performance and reliability whether on-premise or in the cloud. 

What is the PlanB. Digital Process Integration?

The Digital Process Integration Architecture of PlanB. is an universal micro-service platform for integrating all new digital services and applications (e.g. Cloud Native Apps, Container-, Kubernetes-, Microservices-, Azure Services based solutions, …) into core processes and -systems like ERP, CRM, PPM, MES, etc. as an enterprise wide integration bus system.

Enormous scalability

  • Processing millions of records
  • Geo-redundancy and performance
  • Including data residency requirements

Highly secure

  • Safe use of core processes in digital business models
  • Use of standard data formats, protocols and security

Easy usability and deployment

  • High flexibility by decoupling the agile development of digital products against the release cycles of core systems
  • Simplification by increasing the reusability of integration points

Digital Products at speed and scale by securely and easily exposing core systems and processes.

PlanB. Digital Process Integration Platform at a glace:
  • Simplifying digital integration with the Digital Process Integration
  • Run your digital product development at their own speed regardless of release cycles of your core systems
  • Safe use of core processes in digital business models