Quartic Platform

Quartic Platform

End-to-end Industrial IoT and Machine Learning platform for manufacturing subject matter experts

The challenges of implementing Industry 4.0

If you are considering implementing an IIoT and machine learning (ML) solution for predictive maintenance, process optimization, or production yield improvement, you are likely to face these common challenges: 1) Connecting the solution to legacy edge devices and OT systems such as PLC's, SCADA, and asset condition monitoring systems, industrial data historians etc. and adding new sensors , ERP, and CMMS systems. 2) Deploying machine learning solutions requires extensive data science expertise or expensive consulting. 3) Integrating a complete solution with modern infrastructure like the cloud. 4) Deploying pilot projects with ease before scaling to the enterprise.

The solution

The Quartic Platform® is an end-to-end IIoT and ML platform that lets you connect to your existing legacy automation infrastructure and edge devices. Its industrial data pipeline is built to give context to abstract data in the language of the industrial asset while its data engine automates machine learning and presents it in a language SMEs understand--promoting in-house ML solutions. With a highly interpretable ML, the Quartic Platform increases adoption, trust, and sustainability of industrial AI and allows you to easily integrate ML with real-time data to define business and control logic, making AI actionable. The intelligence created using the Quartic Platform® can be connected back to your existing OT systems like DCS and OSI PI historian so your operations and maintenance staff can continue to use existing workflows and tools.

The Platform

Comprising of two main components, each with a set of application modules, the Platform can be deployed in a hybrid Edge-Fog-Cloud architecture on Azure.

  • illuminator™, an OT data lake provides IIoT, OT, MES, and ERP data in dynamic context to intelligence applications in eXponence™. Expert users can use its fully integrated contextual data pipe to build AI applications with tools and libraries of their choice.
  • eXponence™ uses automated ML, a rules engine, and Complex Event Processing (CEP) to build the intelligence and provides visualization and communication of the intelligence. Visualization and communication functions can be performed alternatively with your legacy or new OT systems simply by connecting the intelligence output from eXponence™.
  • While built using the most modern and powerful AI techniques and technology, the differentiation of the Platform is its industrially focused design. Crafted for OT professionals and industrial subject matter experts, it empowers them to build IIoT systems compliant with IIRA (ISO/IEC/IEEE42010:2011) and RAMI 4.0 with very little training or culture change. With just a few clicks, it connects to data stranded in legacy equipment and puts it in the context of operations. With all data given the same context, on-line deployment and scaling is accelerated.