QuotaGuard Shield Static IP's


QuotaGuard Shield Static IP's


Secure Static IPs for Inbound/Outbound Routing - HIPAA/PCI compliant for HTTPS/Secure SOCKS traffic.

QuotaGuard Shield is a HIPAA/PCI compliant solution that routes HTTPS and Secure SOCKS traffic through a pair of load balanced static IP addresses, built to handle traffic that needs full end-to-end protection of Financial / Health / PII and other sensitive information.

QuotaGuard Shield is the only Static IP proxy service in the world that is truly end-to-end secure and compliant with the strictest data protection policies.

Static Inbound or Outbound IP Address
Securely route inbound and outbound traffic through a load balanced pair of static IP addresses via our distributed proxies. QuotaGuard Shield allows you to integrate with third parties that require a known IP for whitelisting or to open your own firewall to allow secure traffic through. We support SSL, custom domains, and dedicated IP addresses, if desired, for Enterprise plans and above. 

Inbound Proxy via SSL Passthrough
Inbound proxy uses SSL passthrough - not SSL termination at each end point - to provide end to end security for your application traffic.

Load Balanced Pair of Static IP's
We provide a load balanced pair of IP addresses, so if one IP fails, traffic will automatically route through your second IP complete with health checks and automated failover. We also offer dedicated IP addresses, if desired, as an option to provide more reliability and security.

Database Access via Any Protocol
We support all possible proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS via CONNECT and Secure SOCKS. Our Secure SOCKS proxy configuration is SOCKS5 over TLS to ensure privacy and security, perfect for routing your database traffic via a Static IP. Guaranteed to work with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and Oracle, as well as many other databases and languages.

Low Latency Across 7 Regions
Our proxies run in the US-East, US-West, CA-Central, EU-West, EU-Central, AP-Northeast, AP-Southeast and SA-East regions. You will automatically be provisioned to the proxy in your app region for ultra low latency. You can also request us to move you to a different regional proxy.

Hassle Free Certificate Management
Certificates can be managed at each end point with your own certificates, thereby eliminating third party risk. Shield is fully configurable without having to get QuotaGuard Support involved, which allows you to set up your service securely and be running in minutes.

HIPAA and PCI Compliant (GDPR/CCPA compliant too)
QuotaGuard Shield simplifies the compliance requirements for applications operating in highly regulated industries. Use QuotaGuard Shield for PCI and HIPAA compliant apps in regulated industries, such as medical/healthcare, financial services, and life sciences.

Easy Setup for Any Language
Instant secure HTTPS/Secure SOCKS provisioning in any language with only a few lines of code to get started.