Senserva, LLC


Senserva, LLC

Security and Compliance Analytics for Azure and Azure Active Directory

Automate to Get and Stay Secure Quickly, Easily & Cost Effectively

Senserva provides extensive data gathering and delivers a rich stream of up-to-minutes analytics and insights in a prioritized risk format. This helps organizations quicky find problems well before rogue actions occur. Complementing what you are already using. Works great with Microsoft Sentinel!

Senserva focuses on gathering extensive and hard to get data to create deep analytics in following areas:

· Conditional Access



· Storage

· Intune

· User & Application Entitlements/Permissions

· Connections between Users, Groups, Roles, Applications and Service Principals (inherited risk)

· Various Microsoft Defenders

· And more...

Senserva automation finds and cuts through all your security data to provide curated and clean analytics thus minimizing resource costs.

Senserva is proud to be a Microsoft MISA partner, 2022 Microsoft Security Excellence Awards finalist.

"The integration of Microsoft Sentinel with the Senserva's award-winning Cloud Management Solutions allows us to work together to enhance customers' security posture with less complexity" - Eric Burkholder, PM Microsoft Sentinel at Microsoft Corp.

Why Senserva

  • Provides a unified policy engine for all cloud and on-premises components
  • Data stays in your tenant
  • Shares threat intelligence immediately among components to provide near real time state across Azure
  • Combines weak signals from multiple components into stronger signals of malicious intent
  • Integrates only the required relevant data for accurate and more rapid understanding and triage
  • Provides weighted guidance to help prioritize activities
  • Converts a large stream of alerts into a condensed number of incidents that can be manually investigated efficiently
  • Provides swift investigation into incidents with instant access to all forensic artifacts, events, and threat intelligence in one location
  • Provides long-term storage of critical security state information in low-cost storage
  • Provides complete API based on KQL
  • Leverages Existing Technology, Senserva leverages your existing technology in every way it can, preserving and increasing the use of your investments.
  • Utilizes a wide variety of visualizations, all open source and ready to customize as needed
  • Leverages full Microsoft Sentinel integration with notebooks, workbooks and KQL queries.

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