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Simplifai Emailbot

Simplifai as

Automate customer service, case handling or any email based business process

This application is available in English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. The Emailbot can understand inbound emails, classify them and extract relevant information for automatic processing. 
With the ability to also identify the intentions of the sender, the Emailbot can be configured to perform different actions for different mail categories and types of request. Through the extration of key information elements in the email full end to end automatic processing of a request can be achived. 
In a similar way, the Emailbot can also read and work with email attachments.


  • 24/7 availability, immediate response for your customer service or case handling team
  • Automatically handle routine emails and attachments allowing your people to focus on more value adding tasks
  • Off the shelf solution to classify any type of email and extract information - no heavy IT project
  • Flexible interaction or integration with core systems or other automation tools

Key Features

  • Classify emails 
  • Extract key information points from the emails 
  • Forward, categorize, answer or archive emails 
  • Interact with other business applications to perfrom actions based on the emails (ie. creating case in MS Dynamics or archiving attachments with meta info in SharePoint) 

The Emailbot works in any setting where email volumes are high and / or inquiries are similar in nature. The Emailbot integrates to commonly used email servers and can be configured to call any external API. 
The solution is a great value-add to the Microsoft software stack with out of the box integrations to Dynamics, Exchange and SharePoint. 

Support for additional languages are being implemented - contact us if your language is not on the list. 
The Emailbot is part of the larger Simplifai Digital Employee Platform allowing companies to easily administrate a portfolio of automation solutions.

About Simplifai

Simplifai as is a Norwegian ISV, headquartered in Oslo, Norway with subsidiaries in Ukraine and India. The company develops solutions to automate business processes with high volumes of natural language communication. The company is an IP co-sell certified Microsoft partner.

Simplifai’s approach to automating business processes through off-the-shelf, easily configurable products reduce both risks and investments normally associated with AI driven automation projects. 

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