Advanced Microsoft Sentinel SOC Managed Service

SPAN d.d.

Advanced Microsoft Sentinel SOC Managed Service

SPAN d.d.

Span Managed Service combines Microsoft Sentinel detection and response capabilities with Span 24/7 team of cybersecurity experts to deliver critical security monitoring.

Advanced Microsoft Sentinel SOC Managed Service helps you continuously monitor and detect malicious behavior in cloud environment. Modern cybersecurity threats involve compromising more than just a single endpoint – lateral movement, cloud service exploits, and advanced persistent threats are the new norm.

Microsoft Sentinel provides logs and telemetry data from your cloud resources giving you a picture from which you can identify threats. Span's cyber security experts through Security Operations Centre (SOC) add a layer of additional cybersecurity expertise to respond to threats quickly and thoroughly, and to inform and guide you through remediation. 

Managed SOC service provides benefit to customers from all industries that want to reduce the level of exposure of information systems to external and internal risks.

Target industries: Finance, Insurance, Government, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing 

Target personas: CSO, CISO, IT Manager, CFO

What do we do:

  • Understand your data

start gaining cybersecurity insights by leveraging out-of-the-box Microsoft Sentinel features or upgrade with Span SOC additional layer to understand critical data sources across any cloud or application environment so you can remedy and reduce impact on business.

  • Comprehensive and effective security event monitoring

Our security analysts use Microsoft Sentinel, their extensive experience, and insight into the most recent threat intelligence knowledge to identify and prioritize all key security events rapidly and effectively.

  • Reporting

Span SOC consolidates all the integrations across a range of security providers and solutions into a single, easy-to-use experience. These integrations can provide critical enrichment of your data and enable comprehensive operational and management reporting regarding cyber security.

Span can provide (Benefits)

  • Security & Resilience

Our SOC operational expertise provides you with advanced cyber operations, enterprise level security monitoring and fast response to protect your most valuable assets – your infrastructure, data, and reputation. ISO27001 standard and certificate guarantee our operations in sensitive environments.

  • 24/7 Protection and Reaction

Critical Infrastructure can be at risk from long game and customized attacks. Leveraging Microsoft Azure Sentinel, we provide visibility across all your operational technology, not just network endpoints, with our cyber security analysts actively hunting threats in your systems. We can react promptly to a wide range of attacks due to predefined procedures and integrated automation. Top Span security specialists with various skill sets and rich experience can identify any attack at an early stage and take the necessary measures to contain and eradicate it.

  • Proactive Defense

We upgrade your threat detection capabilities based on your specific needs while simulating attacks to propose modifications to your cyber security posture. Our on demand Cyber Security services can support you in any event of an attack. We detect even the most sophisticated threats with the utmost speed by employing advanced methods and procedures based on years of experience and the expertise of our lead analysts.