TACTIC | Workflow

Southpaw Technology Inc.

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TACTIC | Workflow

Southpaw Technology Inc.

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TACTIC | Workflow enables tracking of orders and digital assets through each stage of your workflow.

TACTIC | Workflow's mission is to constantly improve workflow management. This is done through proper handling of work orders. Each work order can be broken up into multiple items with the ability to have each of their workflows defined. Workflows can be customized through interactive tools and can mix user decision making with automated, conditional, and approval processes. Key Highlights Include:

Work Orders and Deliverables

Break projects into work orders and deliverables. Each deliverable defines its own workflow with tasks, processes and digital assets.

Business Process Mapping

Visually create workflows using a built-in Workflow Editor. Interactively connect tasks with automated processes.

Integrated Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine drives the project using the defined workflow created in the Visual Workflow Editor.

Asset Tracking

Manage uploaded files in a digital library, a repository of finished assets. Publish completed assets back into the Asset Library.

Data Ingestion

Immediately batch import assets which automatically extract important metadata.

Business Intelligence tool

Focus on improving corporate performance with BI features like built in reports and dashboards.