Low-code PaaS to build Deep Learning solutions for Enterprises

Deep Learning Made Simple for Enterprises

emYt+ is a revolutionary low-code compliance product from TensorGo with the potential to detect fraudulent activities from videos and images during an interview or investigation process. It is developed with the State-Of-The-Art deep learning stack. The product functions as an intelligent assistant to enable HR professionals and investigation agencies to make faster and right decisions with greater accuracy. Seamless integrations into Zoom, Webex, etc. ensure more organizations leverage emYt+ for compliance while saving their cost and time.

Built on State-of-the-Art Neural Networks, our platform offers parallel computing using multi-streaming execution of high volumes of data while optimally utilizing GPU and memory resources through swapping and recomputation. Our architecture simplifies the model-building process and supports interoperability frameworks like ONNX hence suitable for all our customers' needs agnostic of the platform.

Lift & Shift

Our platform incorporates a lift and shift migration model - migrate an existing workload to any cloud or on-premises as-is and run it on cloud-native resources. It helps our customers focus mainly on their innovations rather than on underlying infrastructure.

End-to-End platform support

Our platform supports end-to-end services right from streaming video/audio input to deep learning solution stack to data analytics and a customized dashboard that offer accurate insights on your use cases. Relying on the OCI's Virtual Cloud Network, our platform offers higher levels of security between site-to-site connectivity.

You can choose to subscribe to the entire solution or part of APIs or we provide customizations to your relevant use case.

emYt+ Features

Features available as part of the emYt+ include:

1. Face Biometrics (Authentication and liveliness of a person)

2. Voice Biometrics (Authenticating a person with voice recognition)

3. Lip Sync (Sync of audio and lips)

4. Transcription (Voice to Text)

5. Voice Diarization (Speaker differentiation)

6. Answer Verification (Accuracy % of an answer)

7. Emotions Detection (Basic emotions over a call)

8. Eye Gaze (Tracking eye movements)

9. Head Gaze (Tracking of head)

10. Demography (Age, gender, ethnicity)

11. Heart Rate (Remote heart rate)

12. Respiration Rate (Remote respiration rate)

13. Oxygen Saturation (Remote oxygen levels)

14. HRV (Heart rate variability)

15. Stress Level (Estimated stress levels)

16. Blood Pressure (Under development)

17. Truthfulness (Deception of a subject)

18. Detects Unauthorized Person


Our platform caters to several verticals, including BFSI, Education, Sports and Entertainment, Technology, Automobile, and Transportation.