Trimble Construction Cloud

Trimble Inc.

Trimble Construction Cloud

Trimble Inc.

Accelerate the connection between the digital and physical worlds ( Available in US only)

Trimble® Construction Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure is an ecosystem of connected solutions, licensing, and data services to streamline construction projects. Designed to link project teams, data, processes and multiple stakeholders—such as general contractors, subcontractors, designers, engineers and owners—across all phases of construction projects.

Eliminate Inefficiencies
Improve your accuracy with configured and custom workflows
Automate your repetitive and manual tasks, while increasing your efficiency with out of the box workflows. Or, build your own workflows leveraging the developer community from Trimble.

Why is this better:
Integrate with any 3rd party or Trimble applications
Get real-time updates delivered directly to you

Collaborate and Scale
Work connected and collaborate on projects in real-time with unique capabilities, such as live sharing
Eliminate back and forth handoffs and accelerate the design to final construction.

Empower project teams with new ways to work, including live sharing, and improve collaboration for users of Trimble and non-Trimble solutions like Quadri, Connect, Tekla, and Microsoft Teams construction solutions.

Why is this better:
Work in your preferred model program while viewing live updates from others
Available for both Trimble and non-Trimble solutions

Expedite your Insights
Unlock possibilities with open APIs
Centralized discovery, learning, provisioning, support and applications of how to build customer solutions. Onboard and integrate faster and drive a more productive developer experience.

Participate in a community of developers to iterate, integrate, create and code.

Why is this better:
Explore new possibilities with open APIs
Collaborate with peers and iterate faster

Collaborate and Liberate your Data
Connecting the office with site operations tools
Improve the handoffs and close the gaps with a common data environment that enables Trimble and non-Trimble solutions to use a single source of information for each project through its entire lifecycle.

Unite your stakeholders across jobs, teams and departments and ensure that everyone has the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

Why is this better:
Handle data from multiple equipment providers
Validate your work with a single source of information