Wipro Smart Track for Retail

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Wipro Smart Track for Retail

Wipro Ltd

Real Time Monitoring for consignments in transit

About this Retail Cloud solution:
Wipro Smart Track Solution is a cutting-edge IoT Platform transforming supply chain security, compliance, and cold chain wastage with geospatial alerts, and breach notifications in the event of a temperature excursion or tampering/counterfeiting attempt. The major industry challenges for food and fresh produce organizations trying to achieve fresh farm-to-fork are food wastage, food fraud, and customer safety issues due to temperature and humidity variations in supply chains.

Food fraud is costing the global food industry 40 Billion a year. World Health Organization estimates that nearly 1 in 10 people become ill every year from eating contaminated food.

Business Benefits

Reduce Waste - Helps minimize product/produce spoilage during cold chain transportation with real-time temperature and humidity monitoring.

  • Detailed insight
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Cloud connectivity

Traceability to prevent Fraud - Helps improve traceability throughout the entire supply chain and gives quick notifications of issues if they arise.

  • Prevent Food Fraud
  • Tamperproof
  • Traceability

Preserve brand reputation - Makes sure the raw materials are kept at optimal condition during transit and helps protect against counterfeit products entering

the system.

  • Temperature / environmental condition validation
  • Business rule application
  • Transparency

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