WordPress Integration & User Sync for Azure AD/B2C/Office 365 - miniOrange

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WordPress Integration & User Sync for Azure AD/B2C/Office 365 - miniOrange

Xecurify Inc

Bidirectional WordPress to Azure AD/B2C user sync & integration with Office 365 apps

User Sync for Azure AD / Azure B2C plugin enables seamless user sync/user synchronization into your WordPress site from your Azure AD, Azure B2C, Microsoft Office 365 tenant into your WordPress site.

The User Sync for Azure AD/Azure B2C plugin effortlessly integrates with WordPress (WP), WooCommerce, Paid Memberships Pro registration checkout forms to support user creation/updation/sync from WordPress (WP), WooCommerce, Paid Membership pro registration checkout forms to Azure AD, Azure B2C, Office365, Microsoft tenants.

You can also integrate Microsoft365/Office 365 apps like Power BI, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Dynamic CRM, PowerApps, Yammer, OneDrive, etc. with WordPress using Microsoft Graph APIs and User Sync for Azure AD/Azure B2C plugin.

The Azure sync plugin also allows effective Employee Directory creation in your WordPress site using integrations with 3rd-party plugins like BuddyBoss, BuddyPress, etc. to be synced with your Azure AD, Azure B2C, Microsoft Office 365 tenant.

Key features:

  • Azure AD / B2C Multi-tenancy - Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to allow users to access WordPress sites with their existing accounts in different Azure AD / B2C tenants and Directories.

  • SharePoint / OneDrive / PowerBI / Microsoft Teams / Power Apps Integration - Display or embed Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft PowerBI content or PowerApps workflows in WordPress.

  • Dynamic CRM 365 for WordPress - Create multiple Dynamics CRM with WordPress connections. Map WordPress meta fields with dynamics CRM entity fields. Auto sync Dynamics CRM entities to WordPress data.

  • Auto user creation – The solution automatically creates users in WordPress for all users existing in Azure AD / Azure B2C / Office365 / Microsoft tenants once they are registered/activated on the WordPress site.

  • Basic/Advanced attribute mapping - Map basic and advanced profile attributes from Azure AD/B2C/Office 365 to WordPress

  • Auto/manual user sync and provisioning/deprovisioning - Enable automatic real-time or ad-hoc manual user from Azure to WordPress and vice versa

  • Scheduled and batch bidirectional user sync - Schedule syncing users to and from Azure into WordPress in batches

  • Group provisioning - Sync users dynamically only from certain mentioned Azure AD Security groups/Office365 groups/AzureB2C memberships.

  • Employee Directory - Create an employee directory / staff listing in WordPress with the help of other 3rd-party plugins like BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, Ultimate Member etc.

  • Send WordPress emails via Microsoft Graph - Send emails to the WordPress users using Microsoft Server and Microsoft Graph API.

  • Outlook Calendar/Mails - Embed Microsoft Outlook calendar and mails on your WordPress pages. Schedule meetings, appointments with customers, view available dates easily. Sync the contacts bidirectionally between Outlook contacts and your WordPress database.