Executive Explorer


Executive Explorer


No-coding, task and process mining tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 and other web-based apps.

EXECUTIVE EXPLORER is a software developed by XPLUS for task and process mining dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM, SharePoint, and other web-based apps.

Improving performance

A process mining tool can reveal employee performance by measuring how long each user takes to complete a process. This, in turn, allows process owners to measure accurately individual performance and gauge it against SLAs and KPIs.

Clearing bottlenecks

Process mining can also indicate bottlenecks that, though at times invisible, may slow the whole organization down. Opening up these bottlenecks means either allocating more resources or automating steps if possible. A similar issue is with inter-process conflicts – in order to avoid these, processing in the same swimlane or passing through the same resources needs to be harmonized to avoid queues.

Data harvest beyond the logs

Executive Explorer constantly runs in the background gathering data such as every user move, every click, and keystroke. This means that not only are the logs thoroughly analyzed but the entire user behavior is examined.

Graphical representation

All processes in EE are presented as graphs in the user interface. The graphs are interactive and if you follow the arrows, they walk you through the process together with the specific events as they happen.

Variant analysis

EE allows you to compare processes performed by different users. There may also be differences between subsidiaries in different locations. If the same or similar process takes roughly double the time in another location, you may start asking questions about why this is so.

Optimization vs. robotization

ML and the unique EE algorithm suggest if there is potential for automation and what can be improved. Sometimes, there is hardly any room for robotization, but a process may be optimized in another way – this is also suggested by EE.

Main functionalities and features:

  • Process monitoring
  • Identifying optimization potentials
  • Comparative analysis of processes, subsidiaries, users, etc.
  • Supported system upgrade
  • Enhanced tests and application support
  • Anti-fraud and audit
  • Knowledge transfer