AKS 3 days Workshop


2bcloud's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 3 days workshop, will train your team on the basics of Kubernetes and AKS, clusters management on AKS and CI/CD Application.

Kubernetes simplifies many aspects of running a service-oriented application infrastructure. Along with modern CI/CD deployment tools, Kubernetes provides the basis for scaling these apps without huge engineering effort.

2bcloud's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 3 days workshop, will train your team on Kubernetes design, deployment, and management on Azure.

Da 1-AKS Review AKS fundamentals - Managed vs Non-Managed concepts, product status and growth. AKS infrastructure and options – Reviewing the cloud backed Kubernetes & integrating with Azure Cloud resources Know this before deploying! – Load balancer, Nodepool & Networking, IP, Preview feature considerations Deploying AKS using AZ CLI options

Day 2-Managing your AKS Cluster Deploying a container and exposing the service through Azure Load Balancer Auto-scaling on Azure – HPA, request, Cluster-Autoscaler

Day 3- Application CI\CD AKS Monitoring – Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Application Insights Azure DevOps review Creating an Azure DevOps CI & CD pipeline for AKS