Azure Managed CI/CD Pipeline: 8-Wk Implementation

2nd Watch

*Improve efficiency and consistency with an infrastructure framework that enables customers to deploy a CI/CD pipelines faster, saving up to 75% on implementation costs in less than 60 days.*
Customers beginning a cultural shift toward DevOps transformation will benefit from a CI/CD Pipeline. Experience improved efficiency and consistency throughout the development life cycle and receive a tested, proven and trusted pipeline with full operational documentation included for maintenance ease. 2nd Watch Professional Services will discover your environment requirements and implement CI/CD pipeline tools to your specifications accelerating your adoption of agile methodologies. ### Agenda **Week 1-2** * Review infrastructure design requirements including, software code and hotfix, database refresh, restore and OS-level patching and desired pipeline tooling **Week 3-4** * Create high-level design and framework operation documentation **Week 5-6** * Deploy Pipeline framework to customer requirements **Week 7-8** * Finalize framework operation documentation Our Modern CI/CD Pipeline leverages Azure DevOps, Packer, Ansible and Terraform with options for Chef or Puppet.