ACTS Azure Cloud Foundation Assessment ~ 8 Weeks


ACTS’ Azure Cloud Foundation (ACF) assessment helps organizations to understand Cloud principles and to plan, structure, design, and structure a move to Azure.

ACTS understands that moving to a cloud environment can be complex and time consuming. Our team has been in your shoes, across multiple industries implementing cloud strategies. Our Azure Cloud Foundation (ACF) Assessment creates a well-defined plan for departments, accounts and subscriptions through planning, documentation, strategy, process & migration roadmap. Within Azure Cloud Foundation, ACTS conducts workshops to define IT requirements, policies & governance for cloud implementation design. Our Azure Cloud Foundation Assessment utilizes the Azure cloud adoption framework that helps streamline & simplify your move to the cloud & helps ensure that common cloud migration pain points are effectively addressed along the way.

Consider ACTS’ Azure Cloud Foundation Assessment if any of these come to mind as you consider your cloud journey:

  • Software & hardware refresh
  • Managing complex environments
  • Lack of operations, governance & security
  • Cost management & budget concerns
  • Limited innovation
  • Business agility & flexibility
  • Slow & inconsistent response to change

ACTS during the assessment will conduct multiple one-day workshops with your team to focus on subscription modeling, naming, networking, security, identity, automation & monitoring. ACTS facilitates decision making from your teams to create policies & procedures around working & creating a sustainable foundation in the cloud. The output is to create requirement-based designs for your Azure implementation.

At the end of the assessment, you receive an executive report detailing your next steps for a successful journey to the cloud delivering the cloud transformation to exceed business expectations.

More Information on ACTS’ Azure Cloud Foundation Workshop:

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