Database Administrator as a Service:1hr Briefing


The peace of mind of a modern DBA service operated by specialists

The Adatis DBA as a Service provides a comprehensive administration service for on-premises and cloud databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL and Azure Synapse and for the breadth of critical transactional and analytical workloads.
Core to the service is the proactive operation and improvement of your estate to ensure it remains in a constant state of good health. Our proactive monitoring, including deploying marketing leading tooling, focuses on reducing:

  • Incidents

  • costly disruptions of service

  • operational costs including Azure consumption.
Whether you have a handful of critical operational databases or an entire enterprise estate, Adatis can operate as a complementary specialist service to an existing in-house capability or provide a full outsourced operation. The service can also be extended to cover ancillary areas such as data processing (ETL), analytics and reporting.
Knowledge of your environment is key. Adatis establish a core team that will work directly with you day-to-day, with the option to scale to 24/7. We can also support with database and data processing development capability, either ongoing or just when you need to increase your capacity for short periods of time.
During this initial call, we will discuss your business challenges, your current databases and future plans, and the different service plans Adatis offer.