3 Week Challenge: POC Forecasting

Advancing Analytics

Solution to 3 Week Forecasting Challenge

Are you struggling to forecast accurately? Wondering how to do forecasting for your business the right way?

Forecasting is hard but running a business without forecasting is even harder not to mention riskier.

Why not take up our 3 week challenge!

Our 3 week forecasting challenge is powered by solution accelerators. Our solution accelerators have been built on our expertise in getting many forecasting models into production for companies to gain maximum value.

We implement the accelerators using Azure Databricks which is an exciting addition to the Azure platform. Azure Databricks is a fast, easy and collaborative Apache Spark™-based analytics platform optimized for Azure. It was created to bring Databricks’ Machine Learning, AI and Big Data technology to the trusted Azure cloud platform.

What are we offering?
Our 3 week forecasting challenge is powered by Distil8 that provide Data Science as a Service (DSaaS). It comprises patterns, accelerators and pre-built code that can help your business. The Distil8 Accelerators are fully functional notebooks that tackle high-impact use cases that our customers are facing. They help our customers go from idea to proof of concept (PoC) in less than two weeks. Get in touch with us if you would like to improve forecasting within your business in 3 weeks.

About Advancing Analytics?
Advancing Analytics is a consulting firm specialising in data engineering and artificial intelligence. We have a proven track record of helping some of the largest companies in the world gain a deeper understanding of their data. We accelerate our clients’ understanding of their data by implementing scalable, future-proof data platforms and guiding them to design bespoke Artificial Intelligence models.
We also focus on helping businesses understand what is required to start their AI journey and lay the foundations for success.