Forecasting ML Model: 4-week Implementation

AI Consulting Group

Create a reliable machine learning model for Forecasting and Budgeting optimisation.

Machine Learning based forecasting incorporating changes to business levers and trends to enable real-time, automated forecasting for the coming 3, 6 and 12 months with unrivalled accuracy. Budgeting and Planning Cycles reduced from weeks and months to hours and minutes at the press of a button.

Delivering a highly scalable and extensible Azure-based Machine Learning solution by leveraging Azure Data Factory for secure ingestion, Azure Data Lakehouse for storage, Databricks for data transformation, machine learning and analytics, and Power BI for reporting.

Our Machine learning modelling and optimisation processes follow an iterative cycle involving model fitting and evaluation. The “fit, evaluate, re-fit, re-evaluate” cycle is repeated as necessary to achieve an optimal outcome. AI Consulting Group will cycle though the iterations with slight variations each time to continue to improve the predictive accuracy of the model.

Target Audience:

Business Strategists Data Scientists IT Business Heads

Implementation Timeline

1-week Data Ingestion 1-week Automated Exploratory Data Analysis and Modelling 1-week Machine Learning Modelling and Featurisation 1-week Machine Learning Model Optimization

Why AI Consulting:

We are Machine Learning experts with some of the best consultants around the globe and happy clients from Australia to the Americas. Our Microsoft certified data scientists will facilitate and assist in every stage of your growth. Our expertise includes machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics.

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