Implementation of DevOps and Compliance: 4 week

AIMDek Technologies Inc.

Utilize the power of Microsoft Azure to collaborate, code, and deploy your applications securely to the cloud with AIMDek’s Microsoft Azure solutions.

AIMDek’s Microsoft Azure solutions help organizations to align with goals, producing high-quality software-based products and services. Our services encompassing several capabilities such as iterative & incremental development, workload management on-demand, lightweight architecture, security, testing

· Microsoft Azure brings DevOps tools to help you deliver apps faster through its continuous delivery channel. For instance, the implementation of Azure DevTest Labs would help you to make environments with reusable templates.

· Seamless integration with the cloud-based and on-prem application allows your team to access data across the enterprise without any hassle.

· You can scale whenever there’s a need in your business. At any time, your bill is generated as per the resources utilized by you.

· With our Azure services, you can handle your containerized applications. For example, Azure Kubernetes Services for simplified operations and deployment.

· Growth-intensive solutions for database management from Azure help you with secure execution. Utilize its enterprise-grade database services to host server apps and privately consume services.

· You don’t need to worry about the compliance of your cloud-hosted resources. Our Azure implementations assist you with management and governance, which allows automation, migration, and simplified backup.

· Increase your cloud storage whenever there’s a need. Store your processes, data, workloads, and app on the cloud.

· Protect your data and apps on the cloud with seamless Azure security implementations. Stay safe from DDoS attacks and protect your information with Azure Information Protection.

· Offer a streamlined experience to your users with on-prem and cloud services and solutions.