Managed DaaS on Azure - 4 Weeks Implementation*

Anunta Technology Management Services Limited

Managed DaaS on Azure – a cloud desktop that includes build, configure, manage and store functions and deliver end-users with ready to use desktops.

Ever-evolving end-user requirements of ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’ secure access to data and applications require enterprises to leverage the power of Cloud for ease of convenience in redesigning the new End-User Computing (EUC) architecture. Cloud provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership for virtual desktops while allowing enterprises to deliver the same experience across devices at the location of end-users convenience.

As a recognized specialist in Cloud and Virtualization technologies, Anunta’s Managed DaaS on Azure – provides significant value over standard DaaS solutions by delivering an Azure-based Cloud desktop.

The Azure managed desktop service includes:

  1. Design & Consulting

  2. Onboarding and Implementation - configuration, migration and user acceptance testing

  3. Smart monitoring and Help desk

Managed Desktops on Azure is available as both Shared and Dedicated offerings

  • The commercial model is on a per user per month basis. The price will depend on the number of users and duration