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With AILA Computer Vision, different images for different industries can be analyzed and evaluated in an automated way.

The Arvato Systems AIoT Leverage and Automation Platform, or AILA for short, combines pre-developed AI modules for intelligent industrial solutions. These include automated text recognition and text processing, the intelligent analysis and processing of images, and the analysis, evaluation and prediction of sensor data. Based on this platform, we develop your individual AI solutions.

The Arvato Systems Computer Vision USP is in the multiple use of AI modules that are included and automatically applied to optimize and ensure high-quality recognition and extraction of information. State-of-the-Art Azure Cognitive Services are used for this purpose.

Image files of different formats such as PNG or JPG can be automatically adjusted with recognition function and extraction improvement. This includes automatic rotation of images, improvement of visibility, brightness or contrast and trimming of images.

With our consulting service, experts with best practices are available to evaluate and highlight the right use cases with you. We would also be happy to work out a price indication for the implementation of your individual use case in this evaluation.

The processing of images and nameplates is exciting for various industries such as Utilities, Health, Consumer Products or Manufacturing.

With AILA Computer Vision, different images for different industries can be analyzed and evaluated automatically. Some examples are:

  • Nameplate recognition of different assets: Via an image capture of a nameplate by an installed camera or drone, the nameplate data can be read, stored and managed.
  • Meter reading recognition in the energy sector
  • Quality assurance in production
  • Image recognition for returns
  • Automated management and allocation of tools or individual parts

This service utilizes all the advantages of Microsoft Azure. Highly Available, Intelligent, Scalable and Secured.