Oracle on Azure: 14-Day Implementation


Oracle DB implementation on Microsoft Azure with full engineering support and license optimization

If You run projects that utilize Oracle workloads, we encourage You to move those workloads to Azure cloud and take benefits of our project-based, competencies-backed Oracle to Azure implementation.

Migrating Oracle workloads to Azure with Asseco Data Systems ensures:

  • high service level and system scalability / performance is maintaned,
  • optimized license coverage for cost-efficient approach,
  • full support for patches and fixed for the Oracle environment launched on Azure.

Asseco Data Systems' Oracle to Azure migration service is dedicated to users who seek high-performance and scalability benetifing from Azure services with full engineering support, troubleshooting and cost optimization done in a short time.

We work on a project-based approach - each phase is planned in details to minimize risks and shorten the delivery time. The steps involve: Discovery - we discover Your current workloads, environment and DB configuration. We get to know Your business to help us understand how You wish to evolve in the future. This is also the phase where we optimize the existing Oracle licensing stock. Optimization - we carry out examination to determine the TCO and potential cloud running costs. During this phase we create an optimized environment proposal that is then verified and discussed so that no crucial data is ommited. A migration plan is created which will be the foundation of a successfull migration. Migration - having a ready-to-go migration schedule and all the information required with a test migration successfully conducted, we engage in the proper migration phase. Support - a finished migration is not a finished project. You'll have our engineers available to help resolve ANY issues that might occur during the utilisation of migrated Oracle DB's.

We are Asseco Data Systems - Microsoft's Gold Partner with high competencies in Oracle Cloud solutions backed by years of experience and launched projects.