Modern Workplace Enablement: 21-day implementation


Boost productivity with most up-to-date collaboration and productivity applications that improve information flow and enrich communication culture within Your organization.

Provide Your employees with advanced and powerfull tools that increase productivy, facilitate data flows throughout the organization and increase security of processed data on both desktop and mobile devices.

Our 21-day Modern Workplace Enablement solution will:

  • increase data security and compliance corresponding with Microsoft Azure solutions (Virtual Desktops),
  • improve data flows and information exchange between all teams within Microsoft 365 tools,
  • ensure mobility for employess allowing them to work from any location, secured by Microsoft Azure mechanisms,
  • provide employees always use up-to-date and most advanced tools.

We ensure that the Modern Workplace enablement covers all aspects of workplace modernization. We work on a project-based approach in coordination with organization's managers so that the process is transparent and does not impact everyday's work. Project stages are focused on:

  1. Business assesment and discovery - we get to know Your organization, what are the current bottlenecks and challanges that can be addressed with Modern Workplace tools.
  2. Processes and tools mapping - we work with Your teams to ensure all processess and procedures are mapped with relevant tools that will enhance productivity.
  3. Small deployment - we enable tools for a closed group ("early adopters") who verify the tools relevancy, their usefulness and provide feedback that will allow fine-tuning and configuration.
  4. Deployment - we equip all employees with Modern Workplace tools so that no man is left behind.
  5. Trainings and adoption - we encourage users to start using their new tools with a help of series of workshops boosted with proper communication addressed to the entire organization. At this stage engagement of all departments and managers is required so that the adoption process goes smoothly.

The final cost of the offering may vary depending on the number of seats and additional workforce required.