Managed Veeam backup for Azure Price Quote Workshop: 1-Wk Workshop


This offer is to provide the customer with a quote for backup based on your environment. Afterward, you will be contacted by an Atea representative to dig into details to finalize a backup agreement.

How do you ensure the last line of defense and separation of duties of your resources in Azure?

Accidental data deletion, insufficient focus and knowledge of backup operations, or malicious actions by employees can pose serious risks of data loss in the cloud, where the consequences for the organizations that experience data loss can be business critical and result in extremely high costs.

While Microsoft assumes responsibility for the infrastructure, the shared responsibility model clarifies that it's still your data, and you're responsible for securing and protecting it.

With a Managed Veeam Azure Backup, you are offered a secure automatic and external backup solution to protect resources and data located in Microsoft Azure. Azure backup services are available 24/7, and we support the customer in critical restore situations, so customers experience a fast and efficient data recovery.

Procedure - How do we begin

  • Start-up meeting to introduce the solution and gather information of customers environment to provide a price quote for the service.

If agreed:

  • Atea are granted Azure rights
  • Atea plans implementation
  • Atea implements based on the customer's wishes
  • The service is live

Delivery - What you get from us

  • Automatic backup of Azure resources
  • Separation of duties
  • Separation of technologies
  • Operational monitoring and support
  • Optional Offsite copy option
  • Pay-as-you-go

By using Managed Veeam Backup for Azure Workloads from Atea, you, as a customer, get a secure way of backing up important data. The service is feature-rich and highly scalable. You have full control over what data to back up and what not to back up. The scale stretches from the complete IT-Infrastructure to single files included in the backup. Every backup job is automated and only needs your interaction regarding error correction. Follow-up on backup events and troubleshooting is handled manually by dedicated backup technicians with many years of experience.