DevOps with GitHub - 2 Weeks Assessment


AVASOFT’s proactive approach for enhancing your company's existing and future DevOps strategies.

Optimizing the pace at which upgrades are delivered and simultaneously evolving is a demanding undertaking. In addition, it is also vital to ensure consistent and dependable application during the process.

Modernizing your application DevOps trends using a successful strategy and specialized Accelerators is the only way to reach these goals.

Avasoft’s DevOps GitHub Accelerator is a versatile framework suitable for all types of enterprises. It will provide a strategy for refining your firm’s use of GitHub so that you can utilize the advantages and industry standards of Azure cloud solutions.

Our 2-weeks assessment is straightforward and effective. Here is how we begin and conclude the process:

  • Week 1: Build an effective roadmap and have a collaborative discussion with important stakeholders.
  • Week 2: Follow-up, reinforce the roadmap, finalize the plan, and execute it.

Our full-scale package covers everything you need. This has been highlighted below:

  • A comprehensive framework that is built on your firm’s current and prospective goals.
  • A high-level strategy outlining what must be accomplished to advance your DevOps competence.
  • GitHub wikis and/or pages for reference.
  • Insights and suggestions for enhancing the DevOps methodology and mindset.
  • A competency pyramid for DevOps.
  • A GitHub engagement roadmap along with guidelines for DevOps.
  • Integrating tools, development, safety, and deployment handling, among other things.
  • Incorporating assets and tasks to specify who must accomplish what and when.
  • Using GitHub functions to enable continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Utilizing GitHub to manage projects as well as potential challenges.
  • Leveraging GitHub bundles to manage components.

The outcomes are what define a tool. Here are the Deliverables that define ours:

  • Maturity analysis
  • Specialized instructions
  • Comprehensive roadmap
  • Executive evaluation
  • Deployment of essential DevOps principles and practices
  • Enablement of continuous integration and continuous deployment with GitHub features
  • Asset handling with GitHub Bundles
  • A proof-of-concept solution of Azure Dev/Test environments

What comes next? A demonstration.

A live presentation will explain how our DevOps GitHub Accelerator increases the adoption of GitHub and DevOps. It is thoughtfully crafted to accelerate deployment and streamline procedures.

Experience the potential of our unsurpassed framework. Schedule a demo with us.