Assessment - BizTalk to Azure Integration Services


This consultancy will assess your BizTalk application for cloud migration and advice on the suitability to replace with Azure Integration Services. Documentation and a time/cost estimate will be given

This three-day consultancy will:

  • Assess your BizTalk application's potential for cloud migration
  • Advise on the relative benefits of modernising to Azure Integration Services
  • Advise on what will be required to make the application cloud-ready
  • Provide an estimated time and cost budget to move to Azure
  • Provide documentation of the above points

This service is for any business with a BizTalk custom-developed enterprise business application looking to migrate to the cloud, and considering the feasibility and potential costs of modernising to Azure Integration Services. This covers any sector and type of application.

We work closely and consultatively with you to ensure that the recommendations are a good fit. We have years of experience with BizTalk and have been active in Azure Integration Services since it began.

Optimising and modernising your applications for modern business is vital in keeping your software useful and making the most of the latest technology. Not only will Azure Integration Services reduce your integration overhead it is a great step forward into a world-class cloud-based integration system.