Data Warehouse on Azure: 3-Wk MVP implementation

Baltic Amadeus

For immediate and noticeable improvements in business data reporting, Baltic Amadeus proposes to create Data Warehouse running in Microsoft Azure.

Have manual data management, error-filled reporting or performance issues? If so, a Data Warehouse can be a solution for your business.

Work with experienced data specialists to get a reliable, cost-effective Data Warehouse solution on Azure cloud. Enhance your data analytics and streamline data reporting – all backed by expert consulting on Azure technologies. Get an MVP of the Data Warehouse solution in three weeks, test it out, and decide on possible development later.

Benefits for your business:

  • Enhanced data quality;
  • Multiple daily data refresh capabilities;
  • Faster data analysis and reporting;
  • Reduced IT maintenance and support efforts;
  • Streamlined development of new analytics;
  • High performance, scalability, and flexibility driven by the new architecture and cloud services;
  • Advanced data governance and quality assurance capabilities with the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution.

Our offer includes:

  • Infrastructure setup;
  • ETL configuration for up to 50 tables (raw data);
  • Integration of 3 data sources;
  • Simple data transformations and quality assurance;
  • Full historical data import;
  • Power BI data model's creation;
  • Development of 3 Power BI reports;
  • 1 Power Apps for 1 SQL table manipulation.

The solution comprises various Azure Cloud resources, including Logic Apps, Power Apps, Power BI, SQL Database, and Azure Data Factory. The primary objective of the MVP is to showcase:

  • Continuous data ingestion from relational databases;
  • Utilisation of Power BI data caching and incremental refresh functionalities;
  • Improvement of report speed in Power BI through cached data;
  • Custom data management via Power Apps' user-friendly interface.