Birlasoft Generative AI Service


Trust, Productivity, Insights & Experience delivered with Gen AI. Explore high-impact usecases, accelerate adoption, drive business outcomes with an advisory framework & acceleration platform.

The rise of Generative AI has sparked a revolution across various sectors, pushing the boundaries of work and imagination. As a catalyst for innovation, Generative AI can be pervasively applied. It holds great promise in transforming enterprises, enhancing productivity, augmenting human experience, and paving the way for exponential growth.

With a focus on both innovation and optimization, Birlasoft brings the power of Gen AI-driven solutions to enable organizations to harness the benefits of Generative AI ethically and responsibly with Microsoft Azure. Birlasoft’s Advisory Framework involves 4 steps – Envision, Prioritize, Strategize, Execute & Optimize

Step 1 – Envision • Envisioning workshop to socialize the art-of-possible with C-suite, business and technical leaders • Use qualification framework to determine whether the use case qualifies as a Gen AI use case • Brainstorm and collect initial ideas and showcase Value vs Complexity

Step 2 - Prioritize • Capture use case descriptions and expected business outcomes in 3 dimensions (Experience, Productivity, Effectiveness) and budget • Further analysis and creation of use case boards that fulfil the objective of awareness, seeking feedback, catalog, driving cultural changes and adoption • Feedback to enable further ideation and correlation to unit-based problem statements • Use case prioritization by calculating scores on several parameters such as effort estimation, tech/skill availability, reproducibility, scalability etc.

Step 3 - Strategize • Use of ‘Impact Vs Ability to execute’ framework, ‘Effort vs ROI’ framework etc. • Well-drafted business case fit-for-purpose with calculations for expected ROI • Charter preparation and roadmap for execution

Step 4 – Execute & Optimize • Deliver enterprise use cases with user-centred design, process optimization, experience delivery, high availability, faster processing, and accurate/trusted responses using Birlasoft Cogito Platform • Responsible AI strategy & LLM Ops

Birlasoft Cogito, our Gen AI Acceleration platform helps accelerate building, deploying, and running Generative AI based applications for enterprise use cases with a powerful low-code no-code studio, rich marketplace, API interface and several jump-start features for tech and business users.

Why Birlasoft?

• Gen AI Center of Excellence with Microsoft • 30+ pre-built features and 6+ Skills in Birlasoft Cogito Platform • Persona-driven OCM Approaches and Templates • Use case Intake and Prioritization Framework

Engage with Birlasoft to explore high-impact Generative AI use cases, accelerate the adoption with clear roadmaps and drive business outcomes using Microsoft Azure products.