Customer Data Platform for Retail: 2-hour Workshop

BitBang Srl

Discover how BitBang helped a Fashion and Luxury Retailer make omnichannel data-driven decisions through the integration of data from various channels within a Unified Customer Data Platform.

Learn how to radically improve your Customer User Experience with BitBang, thanks to an innovative data-driven approach. The 2-hour Workshop includes present use-cases and hands-on practical advice to kick-start your journey to building a reliable Customer Data Platform.

In this jam-packed Workshop, you will see first-hand the significance of building a Unified Customer Data Platform as we present a live-case study on how a Fashion and Luxury Retail Store transformed their business to a trusted data-driven culture.

Our team of experts will explain how we are able to create, personalise and simplify your Customer Data Platform on Azure, preparing the Adobe Analytics Data Feed for the integration of data from various channels and analysis, leveraging the new Open Data Initiative.

We will also cover a number of solutions developed by our data engineers at BitBang, that enable you to feed your retail assistant mobile app with instant recommendations and personalisation insights. Such solutions include:

  • Preparing your data for advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms
  • The automation of the importation and transformation of clickstream and online behaviour data from Adobe Analytics to Microsoft Azure
  • How data within the Adobe Analytics Data Feed can be processed to combine with CRM or ERP data within the Microsoft Azure data lake through the ‘Customer Identity Resolution’ solution
  • The integration of all customer data sources, both offline and online, in order to create a 360 view of the customer experience in real-time within the Customer Data Platform

We will be available to answer any questions you have during the workshop and will be happy to further arrange a meeting to understand your business needs and how we can help.