Data EXP: Proof of Concept

BJSS Limited

Get a glimpse of the power of data in two weeks with our Data Experience Proof of Concept.

If you want to see the benefits of data solutions in action, our Data Experience Proof of Concept is the perfect option for you. In this service, we will help you develop a predefined use case using data platforms, pipelines, analytics, and AI within a two-week sprint.

Our Data EXP Proof of Concept is designed to reduce time to value for the delivery of new data platforms from weeks or months to hours, enabling you to unblock resourcing, data and reporting challenges quicker with the ability to scale the platform across your organisation and deliver greater business value.

Leveraging technologies such as Microsoft Fabric, Databricks on Azure and Azure Datafactory we will work with your team(s) to provide hands-on experience with the latest Microsoft data technologies and techniques, and see how they can transform your business processes and outcomes.

We can also support you with developing additional use cases based on your specific needs and challenges.

Please note that pricing and duration of the Proof of Concept are subject to your requirements and scope of work.