Azure Container Platform Readiness: 6Wk Assessment

BlakYaks limited

BlakYaks will assess the strategy & approach the customer has for running productions workloads in Azure hosted container platforms (e.g. AKS, ARO, Rancher) and provide a recommendations and a plan.

BlakYaks will assess how ready the customer is to run production container platform services in Microsoft Azure. We will review existing plans, architectures, designs, operational frameworks and thinking to identify any key gaps that exist that would compromise platform stability, scalability, security, operational efficiencies.

We will look for opportunity for optimisations that will enhance the quality of the ECP (enterprise container platform) service on offer to the business. We will assess the approach to infrastructure as code and DevOps, as well as the tools and technologies (3rd party and open-source) planned to manage the deploy and manage the platform through its entire life cycle.

The engagement will culminate in a detailed report with a table of focus areas categorised into technology, process, policy and people with key recommendations with priorities clearly defined in terms of business benefit and risk mitigation.