Azure Migration Assessment - 4 weeks

BlazeClan Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Blazeclan offers migration assessment that evaluates your business objectives, current IT infrastructure, workloads and helps you define migration approach, tools and strategy.

A Robust assessment is a backbone of successful migration. Azure migration assessment evaluates business objectives, current IT infrastructure, and workloads, helps customer to find migration path, and guides through the planning and execution of your migration. Certified engineers of Blazeclan team conduct the migration readiness workshop using the Azure cloud adoption framework across Business, Platform, Security, People, Governance and Operations. Team will review the existing IT assets by utilising an Azure Migrate tool and engaging the Customer SME’s within the workshops to assess the existing landscape and define the target Azure landscape for migration. Based on the collected data, business case and assessment report will be drafted. Business case will iterate to baseline the commercial and business case for review and presentation to the customer. Assessment report will state right sizing information, target architecture in Azure, migration approach for each workload and detailed migration plan for migration workload to Azure Cloud. This offer is limited upto 50 servers at on-prem/cloud.


Week1 - Kick off, assessment workshop with cross functional teams, understand the current landscape and roadmap.

Week2 – Azure migrate tool deployment in customer environments, Actual data collection by the tool, validation of data collected, application inventory and tech stack

Week3 – Understand Infra and Application Mapping, application integration and dependencies, Interviews with Application Owners, Define app/server migration approach and tools, Define database migration approach & tools, Define target architecture in Azure

Week4 - Migration approach as per 5R's for each application, Migration category for each application, Migration plan and move groups, Total cost of ownership in Azure Cloud, Assessment report readout with customer


  1. Right sizing recommendations
  2. Target architecture in Azure
  3. Assessment report
  4. Migration Plan
  5. Multi-year TCO and ROI Analysis
  6. Business case