Azure Databricks - 2 Week Lakehouse Quickstart

Blueprint Technologies LLC

New Azure Databricks users can get up and running and using Databricks in less than 2 weeks.

Accelerate your organization's analytics initiatives in Azure and gain experience with Azure Databricks. The 2-week Azure Databricks Lakehouse Quickstart engagement is designed to enable your organization to perform high value analytics in Azure in less than 2 weeks. A team of our experts will help you quickly identify needs, define goals, and prepare your Azure Databricks environment to start using right away.


The Databricks Lakehouse Quickstart will help:
  • INTRODUCE a data team to the Lakehouse

  • PREPARE Databricks & data services in a dev environment using infrastructure-as-code

  • COMPLETE two data full pipelines with Fivetran to hydrate the lakehouse with real data

  • ANALYZE with SQL Analytics and BI tools


Timelines would be customized for your needs, but an example might look like this:
  • Day 1: Identify end-user goals and receive a quick Lakehouse 101.

  • Day 2-3: Leverage Blueprint Accelerators to provision and implement Databricks.

  • Day 4-8: Complete 2 full data pipelines, build transformation and schedule data set creation.

  • Day 9-10: Analytics, optimization, and roadmap for future use.