Network Transformation Consulting: 1-Hr Assessment

BT Americas, Inc. 

A short 1 hour assessment to help you understand how your Network needs to change for a move to Azure.

In any migration, the network is key. It needs to be scaleable and resilient, with high availability and it has to be optimised for maximum value.

As part of our managed service, our network consulting experts can work with you to help ensure your network is prepared and optimised. We can define transformation plans to migrate you to Azure or help make sure you get the most from your existing Azure cloud environment.

This short assessment is a great first step to help you understand how change will impact on the network and how you can evolve your cloud solution. We will talk you through:

  • Our point of view of how the network will need to change for your move to Azure

  • The key actions to take to prepare the network or optimise it

  • How we can help you

Once we understand more about your requirements, we can recommend the next appropriate step for you. Our experts offer a range of consulting services, including:

  • A business outcome workshop – a 2 day deep dive to help you define your target business outcomes, the challenges you face and get insight on the market forces and key trends in your sector.

  • Network Operations planning – baselining the current operations model to prepare for how the move to Azure will change operations.

  • Network Transformation Planning and Business Case- preparing a phased move based on your specific business needs and defining a migration or transformation path to evolve the network.

Please note: This assessment offer is available only to large, global organisations.