Azure Security: 3-week Assessment

Catapult Systems, LLC

Catapult’s Security Assessment provides an in-depth assessment of your security environment, guidance on overlapping tools, and a roadmap to remediation.

THE CHALLENGE Azure affords businesses with a broad flexibility to envision, build and deploy wherever they want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks that best fit their needs. However, some businesses are hesitant or unwilling to adopt the cloud due to suspected security concerns.

Understanding your cloud strategy, risks and treatment of risks is key to a secure journey into the cloud. An Azure Security Assessment offers actionable insight about your cloud security posture, with peace of mind for how your Azure deployment can be made more safe and secure.


  • Guidance on the Microsoft features and tools that help improve your Azure security posture.
  • A comprehensive review of your current security and compliance status.
  • Immediate insight on risky activities detected within your environment.
  • Review of best practices and potential next steps that can ensure your environment is kept secure and compliant.

  • Risky user and administrator behavior
  • Assesses environment against common regulatory standards (eg. PCI DSS 3.2, SOC)
  • Identity & Access
  • Compute & App
  • Networking
  • Data & Storage
  • Advanced Cloud Defense
  • Threat Protection

  • A typical Spyglass Azure Security Assessment is completed within 3 weeks.
  • The Spyglass team handles everything. Your team only needs to grant us temporary access to your Azure tenant.
  • We’ll review the results with you in person and discuss potential next steps.
  • COST

  • $15k for your Azure environment with deep inspection of up to 50 Azure objects
  • $17k for your Azure environment with deep inspection of up to 100 Azure objects
  • Custom pricing for deep inspection of more than 100 Azure objects