AI Model Audit

Cegeka NV

Our AI Model audit service is designed to assess and evaluate an existing AI implementation within your organization.

Our AI Model audit service is designed to assess and evaluate an existing AI implementation within your organization. We aim to provide a thorough examination of the AI system, its performance, and its alignment with your business goals 

What’s in it for your business? 

  • Ensures alignment between AI initiatives and business objectives 

  • Incorporates data initiatives properly in the company’s strategy 

  • Identifies potential areas of improvement concerning the governance on data quality, availability, and accessibility such that future AI initiative are less hampered by data-related issues  

  • Evaluates the full end-to-end model development cycle 

  • Enhances the security of AI systems and data protection 

  • Ensures compliance with regulations 

What will be reviewed?

  • AI strategy review: We assess your AI goals, initiatives, and roadmap to ensure alignment with your business objectives.  

  • Data review: We examine the quality, availability, accessibility of your data to support AI initiatives and the governance mechanism built around it.  

  • Model review: We evaluate the full end-to-end model development cycle from data collection to final deployment in production .  

  • Security review: We assess the security of your AI systems and data to protect against malicious attacks and breaches.  

  • Data Governance review. 

For this, you can benefit from our expertise: Our team of AI and data engineering experts has a wealth of experience in helping businesses harness the power of AI. During the audit, you will have the opportunity to benefit from their extensive expertise in all aspects of data science (Azure ML, Azure Databricks and Azure Cognitive Services) and data engineering and gain valuable insights into the world of AI.


  • Kickoff meeting to clarify the approach, scope, and stakeholders 

  • Information gathering and analysis, stakeholder interviews, model/document reviews (2-3 weeks) 

  • Report preparation (1-2 weeks) 

  • Review and presentation (1 week) 

  • Final report delivery (1 week after presentation) 


  • Detailed report of our findings and recommendations.

  • A presentation summarizing the key results and recommendations.

  • An action plan outlining steps to address the identified issues and improve your AI efforts. 

    * Pricing depends on complexity and duration of the project.