Azure ExpressRoute Assessment 1 Day


This one-day assessment provides recommendations for establishing secure, high performance, reliable, low latency connectivity to Azure ExpressRoute.

Enterprises are moving to hybrid cloud environments to leverage the hyper-scalable user experience of the cloud as a critical part of the digital transformation journey. When connecting to cloud service providers, security, reliable uptime, flexible bandwidth capabilities and low latency are the top features required by leading organizations.

With Lumen Cloud Connect Solutions and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, businesses can establish secure, high-performance cloud and data centre connections, quickly establishing new cloud-based applications and services to keep pace with ever-changing business requirements.

Lumen will lead a 1 day assessment with your IT and Networking teams to review how best to optimise your connectivity to Azure ExpressRoute. The outcome will be a high-level design with recommendations covering connectivity type (Ethernet, IP VPN or Wavelength), security recommendations, guidance on anticipated latency, potential cost savings, and an overview of the enhanced visibility and network controls available to clients. Lumen will recommend solutions from the Lumen Cloud Connect portfolio.

Lumen Cloud Connect with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides access to approximately 2,200 third-party public and private Data Centres and 150,000 on net buildings. Clients can securely connect in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.