Lumen AVS Migration Implementation 4 Weeks


An AVS migration provides clients with the expertise to overcome common challenges and ensure a successful move to the cloud, whether as a proof of value, in-house project or fully managed migration.

AVS provides a simple, fast and economical way to migrate on-premises workloads to Microsoft Azure. It enables organisations to eliminate costly hardware refreshes and investment in on-premises infrastructure while continuing to leverage their VMware investments in the cloud. AVS also eliminates the need for reskilling and its associated costs while providing a convenient route to the cloud for organisations not yet ready to move to native Azure.

To enable your business to migrate its workloads to the cloud in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, Lumen offers three unique AVS migration options to suit the needs of your business:

  • For businesses looking to test the water when it comes to cloud infrastructure or create a business case for investment, the Proof of Value migration enables them to do just that. Lumen supports the business in migrating one or more key workloads to showcase the value of cloud-based operations.
  • Assisted Migration helps businesses to leverage both Lumen’s expertise and their own in-house resources or IT partners. Lumen designs and builds the cloud environment and supports an initial workload migration while transferring operational knowledge to the business so it can complete the remainder of the project.
  • For a simple yet comprehensive migration at speed, the At-Scale Migration option provides a full service, including adoption support. It enables businesses to quickly migrate all in-scope workloads as part of a complete migration package.

As a Microsoft Gold and VMware Principal Partner with over 20 years’ experience of transformative datacentre migrations, Lumen is uniquely positioned to deliver the best route to the cloud for your business. Our substantial VMware migration and HCX knowledge has seen us complete over 500 VMware workload migrations and we have more than 7000 custom managed services configurations in operation globally.