Azure Virtual Desktop Basic Implementation

Chalkline Solutions

Implement AVD to enable seamless, secure access to your corporate applications.

Chalkline is excited to introduce our Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) solution, designed to revolutionise the way businesses approach remote and hybrid work environments.

With a Chalkline-managed AVD solution, your business gains the flexibility to access desktops and applications from anywhere, leveraging Azure's robust security and cost-efficient infrastructure.

Our solution promises not only to enhance your workforce's productivity but also to provide significant cost savings and management control.

We are able to implement this for you and provide a managed solution. Any engagement begins with a Discovery Call, where we will then advise what the next steps will be. We follow our proven standard migration framework for a fully managed implementation. As an AVD specialist partner, our implementation and management processes are regularly audited & assessed by Microsoft.

Agenda for Discovery Call:

• Overview of Azure Virtual Desktop: Understand the basics of AVD and how it supports remote and hybrid workforces.

• Key Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop and its impacts to you: • Access Windows 10/11 from any location. • Boost employee productivity with reliable access inside and outside the office. • Maintain full control over your virtualisation infrastructure. • Security and Reliability: Explore Azure's security features and the reliability of the AVD solution.

• Cost Optimisation: Discuss how AVD can lead to cost savings and the flexibility of paying only for what you use.

• Chalkline's Managed Services: Learn about Chalkline's approach to providing fully-managed AVD solutions, ensuring your employees have seamless access to business apps wherever they are.

• Customisation and Control: Delve into how IT can manage and customise the AVD setup, including app rendering, desktop distribution, and app delivery.

• Azure Migration and Modernisation Program: Discuss the support and tools available through AMMP to streamline your migration to Azure Virtual Desktop.

• Q&A Session: Address any specific queries or concerns regarding the AVD solution.