SQL Migration to Azure - 4 Week Implementation


Migrate your existing SQL servers and databases to Azure cloud securely, efficiently, and compliantly with Click2Cloud migration services.

Moving SQL servers and databases from on-premises to Microsoft Azure can be time-consuming and complicated.

Click2Cloud helps you migrate your on-prem SQL servers and databases to Microsoft SQL rapidly and securely allowing you to leverage the benefits of Microsoft Azure right way.

At Click2Cloud, we help you choose the right platform to host your databases and ensure seamless migration to Microsoft Azure that minimizes downtime.

Click2Cloud optimizes the target state to match Azure, reducing costs and facilitating cloud-native features such as availability, security, backup, recovery, and reporting, enabling you to take advantage of the hidden value of your data derived from the Microsoft Azure platform.

Click2Cloud’s Approach -

• Discovery and Assessment

We will analyze your workloads and assess the current SQL environment to determine the path for migration.

• Migrate

We will provide detailed migration plan, the state of the Azure services and backup and recovery services.

Make the move—migrate your SQL servers and databases to Azure with minimal downtime.

• Optimize

Right-sizing, and manage costs, strengthen security and compliance. 

Key Deliverables:

• Pre-migration kick-off meeting to review goals and scope of the project

• Assessment of current on-prem and cloud infrastructure

• Migration Plan

• Financial analysis

• Risk analysis

• Plan of further cloud modernization for your applications

• Reporting

• Clear next steps