Sustainability Assessment with Cloud Intel - 4 Weeks Assessment


Cloud Intel powered by Click2Cloud, helps companies move towards their sustainability goals by evaluating existing initiatives & matching opportunities on Azure cloud to reach business objectives.

Today, sustainability has evolved from a buzzword to an imperative concept for success. However, the flexibility of cloud services presents both opportunities along with real challenges in terms of measurement, budgeting, and more.

At Click2Cloud, our AI-ML-based product Cloud Intel provides sustainability assessment, actionable insights, and a roadmap for your sustainability initiatives. It analyses your infrastructure's bassline carbon emissions, energy usage, water consumption, and e-waste and helps you measure and monitor key sustainability performance indicators tied to your business KPIs.

It helps you to evaluate existing initiatives on Azure cloud and identifies matching opportunities within Microsoft solutions. This allows you to optimize your sustainability efforts and compare the ESG impact of on-premises vs. Azure cloud.

Cloud Intel facilitates seamless Azure cloud migration to power your sustainable business transformation. With our expertise in Azure cloud, we provide unparalleled support throughout the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Key Deliverables

• Assessment/Summary of Current Environment

• Sustainability Analytics

• ESG Metric Analytics

• ESG Strategy

• Roadmap for Scope 1,2 and 3 Measurement

• Sustainability Dashboards

• Sustainability Roadmap

• Migration Roadmap

• Introduction/Benefits to Microsoft Sustainability Manager

• Sustainability/ ESG Reports

• Clear Future Plan

Embark together on a transformation towards a greener, more prosperous world with Cloud Intel!