Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Roadmap:8-Wk Assmnt


With the Cloud Adoption Framework, our expert Cloud Consultants and Strategists help organizations develop their cloud vision and principles that align with their business strategy
Adopting cloud does not just involve ***technology***. Organizations must adapt their ***people***, ***process***, ***technology***, and ***operations*** to support the new world of ***Agility***, ***IT Efficiency*** and ***Innovation***. The Cloud Adoption Framework roadmap always follows the same three step process. # Agenda **Discovery** (1-2 weeks) **Analysis** (2-3 weeks) **Roadmap Build and Presentation(s)** (4 weeks) ## Deliverables 1. **Cloud Operating Model Roadmap** (Diagram) - High level summary of key cloud adoption milestones, work streams and timelines. 2. **Executive Summary** (Slide Deck) - High level summary of findings and recommendations. 3. **Detailed Analysis and Recommendations** (Document) - More detailed information about analysis of current state and recommendations for future state. 4. **Supporting Documents** - Any additional assessment tooling used, such as RACI, Skills Assessment, etc.